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Nickel Metal
Sodium Sulphate
Metal Extraction

Nickel is a strong and ductile Metal having its specific gravity 8.9 It melts at 1455 degrees centigrade and boils at 3075 degrees centigrade. Pure Nickel has found a broad field of application.

Nickel metal production in Nicomet Industries Ltd is based on imported Nickel concentrate. The Extraction process is developed inhouse at Goa plant R & D Facility. It follows leaching, solvent extraction & electrolysis. Nickel metal produced is of high purity LME (Unapproved) grade.

Sectoral uses of Nickel Metal

  • For Stainless Steel Making
  • As an electroplating material
  • Alloying element for non-ferrous metals
  • Nickel Cadmium Batteries
  • Catalysts and Chemical Industries
  • Heat resistant alloys
  • Space, defense and rocket industries
Nickel Cathodes

Nickel Cathode

Nickel Sulphate - 6 H2o (Battery & Plating Grade)

Nickel Sulphate

Nickel Nitrate Catalyst Grade

Nickel Nitrate Catalyst Grade