Copper, Nickel, Cobalt Metals & Sodium Sulphate
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Solvent Extraction
Manufacturing Unit
Nickel Manufacturing

The manufacturing unit is located at Goa to produce Nickel & Cobalt metals and their derivatives. Since its inception the unit was expanded from time to time and updated technologically to meet World Standard in quality. The present annual Production Capacity of the Goa plant is

Nickel 5400 MT
Cobalt 1000 MT
Sodium Sulphate 6000 MT

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The Process adopted is the state of the art facility with its Hydrometallurgical route capable of extracting and purifying Cobalt and Nickel from Ores / concentrates to manufacture high quality products.

An indigenously developed Solvent Extraction process has been successfully put to operate enhancing Nicomet's capability with a large range of products as per customer's specifications.

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