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Cobalt is relatively common Metal in nature and is an essential element to human and animal life. Although Cobalt is widespread in earth's crust, its low concentration of 0.002% comes as by product of other metals specifically with Precious metals. It melts at 1493 degrees centigrade and boiling point 3100 degrees centigrade. The main uses of Cobalt are in Metallurgical, electronic and Chemicals.

The Goa plant of Nicomet Industries Ltd presently has got the capacity of producing around 1000 MT of Cobalt metal and different cobalt derivatives. The product quality of Cobalt is of high standard and as per customer specification.

Sectoral uses of Cobalt Metal

  • For Chemical Products
  • Petro Refining, Petrochemical Catalysts.
  • In paints as a paint dryer and various dyes
  • Cutting tools and diamond cutting
  • Hybrid car and telephone batteries
  • Super alloys
  • Aerospace Industries
  • High speed Alloys
  • Glass and Ceramics
  • Animal feed industry
  • Main constituent of high temperature and high
    performance alloys
  • Improves strength property and increases melting point
  • Permanent Magnet
Cobalt Cathodes LME Approved under NICO Brand

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