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Solvent Extraction
Copper Metal

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Sensing the potential on the global front, Nicomet Industries Limited , was conceived in the year 1993 to meet the demand for high purity Nickel & Cobalt Metal and their derivatives.

The promoters with over 25 years of experience in trade of metals in the Industry and with their drive for excellence, have succeeded in establishing Nicomet as a reliable source for specialty products of these metals in India.

Nicomet has the privilege of being the Pioneer in manufacture of Cobalt and Nickel Metal in India and is the only company manufacturing Nickel in India.


Nicomet uses hydrometallurgy solvent extraction technology for production of Nickel and Cobalt metals and their derivatives. This technology was fully developed in-house by the promoters with the help of technocrats employed by the Company. Nicomet has invested in a robust R&D facility to support its endeavor of technological advancement and improving plant operation. Nicomet employs electro winning process for extraction of Nickel and Cobalt Metal.

Our product profile includes

Nickel Metal (LME Grade- unapproved), Nickel Sulphate Solution, Nickel Sulphate Crystals - Battery & Electroplating Grade, Nickel Nitrate Solution and Crystal.

Cobalt Metal – approved by LME under NICO Brand, Cobalt Sulphate Solution and Cobalt Sulphate Crystals.

Sodium Sulphate Crystal

Nicomet is well aware of its social responsibility and maintains eco-friendly environment around the unit. It maintains a "Zero" water discharge and has a captive landfill site for disposal of solid waste. It is the only company, after Hindustan Zinc Limited to have a captive landfill site, as the State's common land fill site is under construction.

Our Vision

Be a leader in Mining and Manufacturing of Cobalt and Nickel Metals

Our Mission
  • To remain largest producer of Cobalt and Nickel in the Country and one of the major producer in the World.
  • To be recognized as one of the global eco - friendly quality producer for these metals.
  • Nicomet as a reliable source for speciality products of Nickel and Cobalt even from the waste.
  • To become a house of Minor Metal and Precious metal Production.
  • Bench marking as one of the low cost producer leveraging our sound technological R & D base.
Safety Health and Environment Policy

Nicomet Industries Limited is committed to maintain highest standard of Safety, Occupational Health and Environment and therefore.

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulation standard to Safety Health and Environment.
  • Achieves zero water discharge through 100% recycling.
  • Recycling of Intermediate and waste material.
  • Disposing Off final waste solid in captive land filled site.
  • Developing green belt around plant area.
  • Ensure that all employees, vendors, subvendors understand their obligation in respect of Safety Policy.
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